In these times of heats

In these times of heats

where every day repeats

a photo can’t convey

the feel of every day


When every day repeats

a line through body head to feet

this feeling we own every day

the heat is free, we needn’t pay


line through the body head to feet

words lost in mist seeking the beat

the heat is free, we needn’t pay

In these times, where is our way

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4th of July Fugue

July 4th Fugue

For John Brodsky

On one side was the party

playing all 400 of the Rolling stones

greatest hits

over and over a-


having heard most of them when issues

there was the party on the other side of the street

playing kidrock kidrock kidrock

sounding worse each time


can’t tell you the bands

can’t name the rain

heat or snow

but I do well know-


what I dislike

even more than leafblowers, grass cutters,

not even snowblowers,

but these are the sounds I’m allergic to


allergic to

Told Paula

These are the days

headphones were invented for

From 7/10

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Life Savers NE

After finishing, wondering if this

should change to more of a Choreplay?

Life Savers NE, a one acter


T Ted

M Melissa

J Josh

Ted is an ultra straight white man. Melissa is an extra feminine woman. John is a button-down but definitely black man. He and Melissa are “seeing each other”.

They are all sitting around a table.

They are the three crew members of Crew #1 of Life Savers Northeast or LSNE.

There’s a big poster on the back wall with LSNE and a blown up photo of a newborn.

As the scene begins, their heads are all bowed in silent prayer. Maybe 15 to 30 seconds to set the tone.

M (looking up) So how do we explain what happened, How do we frame this

to LS Headquarters.

T (rubbing chin) Maybe if we review this and-

J Let’s remember our job was a rescue, and-

T (obviously (starts to arise then reconsiders) Josh the Judgmental. Look,

irritated we have a learning experience which, if we frame it right, we

can share-

M (slams right palm on desk) Learning experiences were all those

many times when we didn’t overturn Roe, didn’t make war on

Wade, and all those innocent babies- (stops, in tears)

J (hold her hand for five seconds) Aren’t we all on the same

team, the same belief system.

We are a team, a crew. We are united by-(after pause, blows on

hands) Why don’t we start again, around the room. Ted,

Melissa, me. And no finger pointing, yelling, and no blaming.

(He then motions for everyone to hold hands)

As Jesus would have us be, Amen.” (all three say Amen.)

(all unclasp)

part 2 of scene 1

T To review then. We were assigned to travel to this state to

return this woman to our state and prevent her

committing the murder of her unborn child which, sadly, is

still legal in this state of Pennsylvania, at least until-

M This would have been our fifth rescue in Philadelphia and-

J And they all went well.

M Even when the “rescued” didn’t always want to be rescued,

thought they knewwhat they were doing, thought their

needs were omnipotent and not the those of the-

J Remember, we are never here to judge, only to serve.

T (stands up) Yes, we are not “the bringers of light”. (sits

down) and we must never think we are, not delude

ourselves. We are agents of the Law, both biblical and

corporal. Nothing else, nothing more.

J (taps desk) Yes, we are needful to remember that.

T So, we apprehended her and informed the local, non-God

fearing, authorities. They agreed, grudgingly, that we,

indeed, had both the proper papers and jurisdictional


M So, of course, when she threatened to kill herself and the

soon-to-be child-

J Because, she said, the father was her father-

M We’ve heard that before-

T Doesn’t matter if it’s true. We have a mission (stands up)

A calling. Not just a job. (sits down)

M Where do you think she got that knife?

J Where do desperate people get any tools they think

that they need? More to the question, how could we

have prevented this, changed the outcome or-

M (stands up) We did call 911 as soon as-

T And they almost seemed satisfied, as though-(gets up,

paces) they took their own sweet time, (sits down)-

almost as though-And by the time-and by the time-

(gets up, paces again) I’m still not sure- that they

tried-with urgency-to save the child-

Let’s return to the start. Can’t we just testify, in

truth- (cell phone rings) Excuse me, it’s, well

you know who it is. Be. Back. After.

(Ted leaves. Stage left.)

Part 3 scene 1

M Now we can talk. You saw her bending over.

Why didn’t you-

J Do what? Ask her what she was doing-

M (stridently) Rather than just staring, as though in

stone, like you’d just seen Medusa, as though in

as though you’d never seek a butt- (chopped-off)

like hers before!

J You may think that

if you choose

to think that.

I’m not sure what I was thinking then,

but it was not

her butt!

One might have wondered how she became in this

condition that she knew-that she thought- that it


M Is that really all-

J Melissa, you’re being extremely accusatory

tonight. Don’t you trust me or do you not want

to trust me.

Maybe it requires too much faith to believe

someone could love-

At this point, Ted strides through the door, trying

with all his hardness, not to slam it.

M (glad for the interruption)

What did they say and-

T That was my best friend and best wife.

Other than that, I would of taken the call in here,

on speaker phone (pauses and takes a deep


Well, you both know, because I’ve probably beat

your ears about it, that we were trying to move to

a more Christian neighbor-well in an area where

we found a church and felt the spirit, found a

church and felt the spirit.

M Found a church and felt the spirit?

T That we weren’t just sitting there (stands up)

but when Brother Todd spoke, it was almost

like a sermon from the mountaintop.

M Was it the way he spoke, the feeling in his

testimony, the rivers in his words. You said…

it felt real.

T Yes, I remember I told you, I know you have a

place where you receive comfort and I would

never (pauses) but Julie and I…we never did..

we didn’t …and… now…well

J But the call?

T Julie was asked by her next-door neighbor,

as wives always ask, what her husband did,

that he traveled so, that it seemed a secret,

that she couldn‘t just say-

M Maybe that does sound suspicious, Mafia

suspicious, when my parents live in the

southern part of a city called Philadelphia-

J Maybe, but surely you had thought out-

T We should of. Knowing some people

(gets up and walks around the table)

even some of our own people (stops)

feel our “rescue” efforts are going too far,

that we are not being God-like

J So what did Julia-

T Julia gave out to say-intimated, that I

might be CIA or like that. But the

neighbour goes on to say, she’s watched a lot

of TV drama, that the CIA always gives

their operatives cover stories, good ones,

M So how will you diffuse this, I think-

T I think we hacve to be hones. We haven’t

crossed all the eyes or dotted all the teas, so if-

M But I know Julie so wanted-

J (louder) Sometimes, we have to listen when

the Lord speaks in whispers.

(stands up and puts an arm around Ted’s


Maybe the church is the right one but-

T Maybe I need to rethink an adjacent


J Don’t you have a friend in real estate,

Phil somebody-

T Shapiro. Not a christian but a good man.

M So now can we please return to what

happened and what-

J I hate to be basic but this, unfortunately,

is one of those LOP situations, where we’re

trying to put lipstick on a pig.

It was a bad situation. We maybe didn’t

listen well enough. Didn’t hear her pain

and tears enough, her pain and fears

enough. Didn’t reach out well enough-

T But we did tell her what we all know,

that we would help her to have the child

and then, and only then, should she decide

whether to give up or keep a child-

I do not know how a woman can give up a

child but-

That we would help her either way.

M Maybe all the listening, all the speaking,

all the words-

T (stands up, louder)

What are you saying! That we can’t speak

Gospel truth to power.?!

M That some people still feel they have the

right to life termination, that it’s not

murder if it’s still as it is then, it isn’t as


J (stand up)

(low voice)

It may be generations until enough

people feel the mercy of God’s love

and know! And know! This child

murder is wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

No less wrong than the murdered

whose killers are on death row!

No less wrong than murdering

the murderers. No less wrong.

(sits down and begins weeping)

Fading our to dark

Scene 4

all three are mouthing words as the scene opens but we cannot hear them.

Gradually a light from outside comes on. There’s a knock on the door and

Ted gets up to answer. There are empty coffee cups and other signs that

they’ve been up all night, discussing and praying. M and J only in this scene.

M I don’t feel like breakfast.

I don’t feel like I deserve to

ever eat again, when-

J (clasps her hand)

First of all, we are the first in what

we are doing. We are not following in

a troden path, on a known way.

Our Apostles know this. Knows

there were few of us willing

(unclasps her hand and stands up)

Did they berate us. Did they

pound us with negatives.

No, they understood, they


Ted returns with 3 breakfast sandwiches and three coffees. The coffees may be

sipped but noone should open the sandwiches.

T Melissa, I don’t know what Josh

was saying, but he was probably

right. We were not thrown under

the bus, hung out to dry, whatever

blame words, you, we want to use.

Unavoidable tragedy” will be our


Let me say this before anyone.

We are not Modern Day

Slavecatchers! We are not doing

the Devil’s work!

The Abortionists, they are doing

the Devil’s work!

(slower) We are doing, or we

trying to do the Lord’s work-

M But are we really. Some days, some

nights, I know I really do believe.


J (slowly and steadily)

We are being tested. We are being

tested on a road of fire, in a forest

of ice, in a city of blood-

We will come out of this.

The three stand up and encircle each other by their arms.

T What do our Apostles always say.

We are the first and, as such, we

are being challenged.

What happens next depends not

on anyone but us-

The three are still around each other, but they put their arms down.

M And we must be strong!

Women and men of iron!

Unbroken circles.

All We are the first!

Surely not the last!

Knock on the door

T goes to the door.

Turns to the others.

Fox News. They want to know what happened.

M Let them in!

We need to save souls with

the truth.

End of first rough draft.

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5-27 sidewalk

On the sidewalk

me and my covid

me and my terrier

me and my covid

me and my terrier


barely there

a typical entitled Swarthmorean

walked past us

barely a foot between us

so wanted to say

“ I have covid-”


most others

would separate to the street

would separate

to the street

in deference to our Alphie terrier

but no!

“I am a Swarthmorean

I do what

I choose

when and where I_”



I thought

I could tell



my covid

did not stop

at the door

of her entitlement

did not stop-

no matter how much she-


Now I think

I make too much sometimes

when my times

are too much

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5-25-22 Phillies gamr


Last Night

was the

May Phillies why you shouldn’t ever gamble game

Harper home run and

the Phillies lead a game

they have no business winning

no business winning


All that is needed

all that is needed

a half inning

to hold that lead


The Phillies Bull Pen

only has donkeys

only has donkeys

then Quinn

the lowest Roman of them all

lowest Roman of them all

jumps in front

of an honest to real fielder

to not

make the catch

so he can…….


I should swear off

listening to the Phillies

at 23-20

who said

“your record is who you are”

should swear off listening

to Phillies games

as long as Covid

as long as Covid

is a visitor in our house

we will get better

will the Phillies/


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Abortion Pantoum #1

Bring back back alley abortions

Did you hear Sally- contortions

Forget about having a voice

Only some will have a choice


Did you hear Sally-contorions

Using language for distortions

Pro life except death row

It’s all in who you know


Using language for distortions

what will be the extortion

it’s all in who you know

what you can do, where you can go


What will be the extorion

now to get an abortion

what you can do, where you can go

how you must live, above or below

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Chipmunks and Squirrels 6-24-22

In our backyard

chipmunks have joined our squirrels

they’re not really our squirrels

just chose our backyard


The chipmunks have come out this season

littlest rodents

we’ve ever seen

cute in their burrowing way


slow down enough to notice them

while we bring out food to the chickens

or what it is we do

firster in the morning


listening to classic 1027

South Africa

as I write this now

and wonder about the weather there

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My Vasectomy #3

My vasectomy


was my vote

this man’s right to choose


My vasectomy


I told the demos I had a right

and could also use my left

they let me by


My vasectomy


I knew what I wanted

and did not want


Time has come again

when choices must be made

and some are trying to deny

some their choices

not let them by

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Abortion Rap (from 1985) sadly still relevant today

Abortion Rap

For and by Popular Neurotics Bob, Brian, Leontyne, and Mary

Bob I wanna do a rap about abortion

Brian hope it don’t put you through contortions

Bob the people over here say it’s a sin
to kill a life ‘fore it be gins

Leontyne once a child’s born then they don’t care guess the main thing is getting there

all getting there
getting there


Mary the people over there and I agree

Leontyne and

Mary that a wo man owns her own bo dy

Bob but with all of the birth con trols


and Brian it’s a jive situation that shouldn’t roll

all shouldn’t roll

shouldn’t roll


Bob the people over here be lieve so deep ly

Brian that hu man life shouldn’t end so cheap ly

all that they’re willin’ to die willin’ to kill

it’s all God’s work, not no cheap thrill

Leontyne bomb the cli nics window break

Mary nothing’s sacred when life’s at stake

Bob kinda re minds me of kill for peace

Brian an’ this is a war that just won’t cease

all just won’t cease

just won’t cease


Bob if I say words on wo men, well, that’s just fine

Brian you gonna tell me next what to do with mine

and who to do with, and at the right times

and half what I like

you gon na make crimes

Mary ’cause I ain’t tel lin’ you

Leontyne ’cause it ain’.t you biz

Bob who I do my do with

Brian or what my do is

Mary so any great mo rals

or et hics a side

I got ta side with pro-choice to survive

all to sur vive

to sur vive


Bob This is my rap

Brian I will bring it home

Mary an’ if I pissed you

Leontyne I guess that’s so

All But I got ta speak out

while time’s still here

Brian ‘For
no one says

All boo!

All (slow) From bles sed fear

Bob Small-4/6/85 from 3/29/85

lines meted out by all the popular Neurotics

Brian, Leontyne, and Mary

The Popular Neurotics are Mary Adams, Leontyne Brown,
Brian Rudnick, and Bob Small. P/N-copyright 1985.

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Vasectomy Blues retitled A Man’s right to choose

I will not be a father again

I will not have a son

Nor can a lover threaten me with pregnancy

force me into the halls of 1801 Vine

Child support wars

where noone wins

where noone wins

2) I will not be a father again

I will not have a son

Everyone said I would learn how to be a father

but I never was given the instruction book

so I flunked fatherhood

made myself and others miserable

trying again

would be like the US again invading Vietnam

for the




3)I will not be a father again

I will not have a son

Now that I cannot be father, finally

I have become a one woman man

My timing has never been all that wonderful

Still, I look at other woman

But do not bite

this doggie knows

where he gets his biscuits

4) I will not be a father again

I will not have a son

I have deprived some woman

of the opportunity of misery

some unborn child

of a life of emotional neglect

some lawyers

of overwhelming court fees

I will not be a father again

I will not have a son

Love, now, without fear

Love without fear

originally from 1-20-90

one of my best decisions

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