Almost at the point that I have the scanner working.

In the meantime, am busy with Plays and political blogs,

may start putting them here

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Just returned from another High School reunion.
I went up to his photo and said…nothing
just decided to repost this

Mostly, I don’t want to remember
Mostly, I know his pain never left
Mostly, it was guys like him who left their
souls in Southeast Asia
with bits and pieces of themselves
I wanted to
call him sooner than I did
I wanted to
call him but kept seeing the
gun in his trunk

A lot of our lives
are filled up with
I wanted to
We saw each other a previous
High School Reunion
 October two oh oh seven
seven continents away
and until he showed me that he
always carried a gun with him…
I e-mailed him but the phone was
wayyy too heavy
I didn’t want him that close

2) Pre High school
he introduced me to
women, cigs and booze
found out later
he thought we’d go “Nam”together
that would, my mother thought,
straighten me out
no, it would of just bent me further
Marty thought we’d enlist together
never listening to my anti-war self
By then, High school in the 1960’s times,
our tastes had gone different places,
he drank and….other drugs
found a woman who would not wait for him
didn’t know, didn’t know
can still recall
Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons that night
Toy Soldier
I’m still mad that I was the gonif who told him
that she hadn’t been waiting
and if her stomach was big now
it maybe wasn’t his now

Meanwhile, I heard Tommy Rock Opera
the same weekend I had my first tab
found that whole part of my life
women and drugs and peace and luv L U V
I should leave that to fight for a war
I was part of the screaming against!!!


3) A few years ago we reconnected
I’m always wary about
people I used to know
I’ve changed my life
five and Doctor Who fifteen times since then
I might have a
completely new face
and you just might not like it
‘cause you grew up with one
of the older versions

But we were fine
met /twice
that reunion week
I might even have gone to hang out with hin
in Condo Florida
…..but I just have this unreasoning fear
of, even, friends, with guns

His wife, whom I never met,
called to say he would not be returning
my message
and why and what kind of cancer
and I’m still trying to not remember
because we were friends
when we were both boys
and one of us grew up way too hard
and for no good reason
and I was just luckier
for the same no good reason

Bob Small 1-22-08 revised from 1-13-08
reviewed and revised  7-3-13 revised 9-15-22

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Opposing the Swarthmore Condo, chapter 627

Continuing to oppose the five floor 50 condo proposed for Swarthmore (pop 5,000)

Still fighting

the good fight

anti-condo, anti-condo, anti-condo

if I wanted to live in Philly

we would have moved there”

Swarthmore is a bloody little borough

we don’t want or need

our own five floor Condo

nor do we need

our own new Pro Football team

the fighting Quakers

oh wait

that’s been used

  1. Nor so we need

our own Symphony Orchestra

our own Opera Company

our own-

we do have some theatres

thank you very much

we have our own community center

coffee shop

beer garden

wine bistro

and, of course,

our own dunkin donuts

doesn’t everyone

  1. Swarthmore needs to talk

about our future

who we are

what we want

who we want

to become

and what we don’t

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two reunions in a week

I’ve been to 2 reunions in a week

and the Poetry will be flowing/

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Beauty never ages

I wish my words could say it better

I wish I knew better words

I wish there was a stronger word than love

maybe when vikings roamed the earth

there was

For Paula’s birthday

August 29th

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Friday, August 5th at the Swarthmore Swim Club

The family in the water beside me

spoke, I believe, Ukranian


thought of my High School Russian

thought of the Book

Queen Victoria’s Little Wars


don’t remember hearing Afghan in these waters


all countries

suffer Wars of Empires

till the Empire

becomes history

Britain, France

Russia, USA


Dare we say Empires never last

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This is not a Poem, page 2

This is not a Poem, page 2

Continue reading Delco chapbooks

with goal of eventual donation

find a place to donate

Popular Neurotics and other

performance Art History

(Tommi Avicolli, etc,)

get the Oregon Poetry

to John Brodsky

get back to Nov le

continue sending work to Political Blog

but use wordpad

screw Apache and Libra

review DVD Collections as

what is watchable

contact NEWSY In the loop

re; indigenous movies

Stop here

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This is not a Poem page 1

This is not a Poem August 5

page 1

I’m trying to prioritize projects;

Read Jared Read’s example of play

word process my first act

change ending to include cliff hanger

to include TV news teaser

If the scanner can’t be fixed

find other ways to scan Poems

(Staples as a start)

put written Poems on Blog again

send Plays to one act contests

once I identify them

Contact USN re; my fathers

collection of memorabilia

Meet Avi for lunch

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Memorial Day, May 30th, 2022

Now we have our honor war day

as we do in our cele brate day

honor all those who sacrificed

capital worth more than life


As we cheer death in our annual way

deaths are the price we must pay

caoital worth more than life

one can always find new husband or wife


Death are such a small price to pay

as long as we find good words to say

Always find new husband/wife

just get us through this latest strife


So now we must the right words to say

so people for peace will never pray

just get us through this latest strife

today’s death, tonight’s sacrifice

from 5-30-22

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Proof of?-A Pantoum

Was getting a Covid Vaccination

really a form of mass indoctrination

Are we just good citizen People

or have we become the new sheepul


Is this stick the new indoctrination

Have we become indoctrination nation

Have we become th new sheepul

once so strong now so feeble


Have we become indoctrination nation

stopping at the obey station

once so strong now so feeble

giving in to a standard evil

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